Tax burn

A 15% tax will be imposed on each SHIBAI transaction, allocated as follows:
  • Burn (1%): Tokens will be transferred to a black hole address, ensuring their permanent removal from circulation.
  • Stake to Earn (4%): Tokens will be converted to SHIBAI and added to the staking pool, 2% will be distributed proportionally among users who stake SHIBAI and the remaining 2% among users who stake AiShiba OG Collection.
  • Top Holder's Fortune (1%): Tokens will be exchanged for ARB and deposited into a wallet, benefiting benefiting top holders weekly.
  • Refill Camelot's Liquidity Pool (3%): Tokens will be used to augment the trading depth of the SHIBAI/ETH pair on the Camelot exchange.
  • Purchase ARB (2%): Tokens will be employed to acquire ARB, supporting protocol gameplay and voting. Early on, some ARB will be used directly to incentivize users to provide liquidity.
  • Development (4%): Tokens will be designated for the continued development and expansion of the SHIBAI ecosystem.